Sound Menagerie are a musical duo from Cambridge, UK. They are Abi Parker ( Vocals) and Stephen C Wilson (Songwriter/ Guitars/ Bass/ Backing Vocals/ Programming/ Production). Their music incorporates a variety of enigmatic and carefully crafted songs and together they create a unique menagerie of sound , a blend of dream pop, psychedelic folk, melodic and experimental with 60's and 90's influences. From the psychedelic curiousness of the title track of their 'Clocks & Towers' album to the melodic and folky pop of their new single'Carry The Wave', it is all a timeless concoction and yet still distinctively (and instinctively) Sound Menagerie.


'The most important aspect of the songs and performances for Sound Menagerie is to avoid the obvious and take their music and the listener into unexpected directions melodically and structurally...Their sound has been described as "Sublime tympanic membrane enhancement" '

 In 2011 they issued their 'Far Or Through' album. This was followed later in the year by 'The Silver Tree' single.

In 2015 their 'Clocks & Towers' album was released through Monochrome Chair Records featuring guest appearances from Andy Ramsay (Stereolab/Europa 51), Joe Watson (Stereolab/Junior Electronics) and Jon Clayton (Blusher/Charlotte Hatherley). One of the songs on the album 'Watermark' also features a lead guitar solo by Rowan Robertson (Dio/DC4/Vast/AMRadio/Billy Ray Cyrus) and violin by Sharon Jayne Sullivan (Keltrix). The artwork is by Blackpool artist Ann Charlesworth. 'Clocks & Towers' and 'Stay With Me' were released as singles.

 Sound Menagerie have just reissued their 2011 album 'Far Or Through' which is available as a digital download (please follow the links below).

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24th December 2020

'Far Or Through' reissue available now!

Sound Menagerie's first album available again from retailers in digital form.



























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Coming soon...


From the album Far Or Through  



Coming soon...


Far Or Through

From the album Far Or Through




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2015 album (Limited edtion CD & digital download)


The Silver Tree (Single 2011)

Clocks & Towers (Single 2012)

Stay With Me (Single 2014)

Watermark (Single 2014)



2011 album

First Sound Menagerie album featuring Abi Parker on vocals. Originally released in 2011 as a limited edition CD and digital download. 


“Their sound intrigued the Introducing team when listening to some of the tracks sent into them recently...Influences for their sound come from far and wide and represent all the years of listening to songs seperately and together.” BBC Norfolk Volume Magazine

“The wonderfully melodic perfect pop of 'Stay With Me was one of the tracks to be born out of the sessions at Press Play Studios. The bands last release, the album 'Far Or Through' came out in 2011 and gained airplay from a number of radio stations. The exposure has seen the band gain a number of fans with the vast majority of these coming from the USA and Canada.” UN Sung Magazine

“Steve Wilson of Cambridge dream pop duo Sound Menagerie tells us how they came to collaborate with two former members of Stereolab... Third album 'Clocks & Towers is availble on CD, iTunes and Amazon”  Cambridge News 



“Sound Menagerie - House of Yesterdays. Recent track of sixties spookiness from dreamy psychedelic revivalists. There is no-one else in the city quite like them.” Cambridge Music Reviews 

“The album 'clocks' in at 52 minutes of enigmatic and carefully crafted songs, plenty to get lost in on a summer afternoon or late evening....” Review of 'Clocks & Towers' by Cambridge Music Reviews

“A House of Yesterdays. 
Or more correctly, an album of yesterday’s, recalling yesterdays when pop could challenge your senses with tidy twists and turns of key and tempo to keep your interest and keep you on your toes...This deserves to be heard.” 
Dirk Speksnijder 


“Singer Abi Parker is the perfect vehicle for songwriter Stephen C Wilson's lyrics.” Review of 'Stay With Me'  Headstand Radio

“Stay With Me is a cleverly produced and written single (lyrically and musically) featuring techniques that illuminate the blissful sound of Sound Menagerie.” Stay With Me track review by Jasleen Dhindsa (GIGgle Pics)

“Cambridge duo Abi Parker and Stephen Wilson make up Sound Menagerie, a wonderful magical outfit... Stay With Me is the first glimpse of a new record from them and it's set to be a kooky, whimsical journey glistening with serenity and magic. A folksy drum and simple guitar strums begin the song before Abi's clean enchanting voice arrives. Melodic rhythms and a sliding chorus that has a catchy folk vibe really gives the track a lot of character...Sighing, glittering vocals make it quite bewitching and it all creates a highly intriguing atmosphere that draws you in. With so much strong character in the song, it's little wonder why you're left with the remnants of it still playing in your head after it finishes...Have a listen to Stay With Me here and begin your weird, sparkly fairytale dream!” Stay With Me track review from

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