Sound Menagerie are a folk rock duo from Cambridge UK, consisting of  vocalist  Abi Parker  and songwriter and musician  Stephen C Wilson (Guitar/Bass Guitar). Their music incorporates a variety of enigmatic and carefully crafted songs


18th March 2021
New single 'Close The Door' available now!(Featuring Echobelly's Glenn Johansson on guest guitar)  

Our new single 'Close The Door' is now available from online stores Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora and Bandcamp  etc.


The animated video features Steve C Wilson, Abi Parker, Sharon Sullivan and Andy Cross (albeit all in cartoon form).  It was created for us exclusively by Shama Waqar.

Featuring a guest guitar part from Echobelly guitarist Glenn Johansson

Strings written and arranged and performed by Sharon Sullivan.

The single comes with two bonus tracks:

1) Close The Door (main mix)

2) Close The Door (Instrumental mix)

3) Close The Door (Britpop mix)

Written and arranged by Stephen C Wilson © 2021 with strings written and arranged and performed by Sharon Sullivan.

Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals - Abi Parker

Lead Guitar/Bass/12 String - Steve C Wilson

Guitar - Glenn Johansson

Violins - Sharon Sullivan

Drums - Claire Brock

Recorded at Zoo Audio, and in Cambridge and London by Andy Cross, Glenn Johansson, Sharon Sullivan, Claire Brock and Steve C Wilson. Mixed by Steve C Wilson. Mastered by Cefe Flynn.

This is the first track from our forthcoming album 'Reflections'

Echobelly were one of our favourite bands of the 90's and 2000's (and remain so) and we have known Glenn for many years, he played on a track a few years ago and it is a pleasure to have him on board for this song which does lend itself very well to a Britpop nostalgic vibe.

Sharon is one of our oldest friends from the Cambridge scene and is one of the greatest musicians we know, and an exceptional arranger so it is wonderful that she has provided such a fantastic and fabulous arrangement and performance for this track.

The song was written originally several years ago and is in no way related to lockdown or shielding or isolating but the resonance of the potential association is not lost on us. In fact it is about those times when one just wants to spend some time alone reflecting or relaxing away from it all in ones own space and not be bothered by anyone.

Cover design and artwork © 2021 Sound Menagerie 

Audio and video © 2021 Sound Menagerie 


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16th March 2021

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Listen to our 'Clocks & Towers' EP 

Our Clocks & Towers EP is now available to buy digitally on Bandcamp as well as on Amazon and ITunes. (Originally released in 2015).

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2015 EP (also released as an expanded edition on CD)

Several of the tracks were recorded with Andy Ramsay and Joe Watson of Stereolab.

All songs written and arranged by Stephen C Wilson © 2011/2012//2021

℗ 2015/2021 Monochrome Chair Records/Sound Menagerie

Abi Parker - Vocals/Backing Vocals
Steve C Wilson - Guitars/Bass
Jon Clayton - Drums on Silver Tree and Penny Farthing
Andy Ramsay - Drums on Clocks & Towers, Journey, Find The Line and Stay With Me.
Joe Watson - Moog/Harpsichord/Piano/Keyboards

Produced and mixed by Andy Ramsay except The Silver Tree and Penny Farthing recorded by Jon Clayton and mixed by Andy Cross and Steve C Wilson.

Mastered by Pete Maher.

Clock tower artwork by Ann Charlesworth.


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