Sound Menagerie are a folk rock duo from Cambridge UK, consisting of vocalist Abi Parker and songwriter and musician Stephen C Wilson (Guitar/Bass Guitar).

Their music incorporates a variety of enigmatic and carefully crafted songs and together they create a unique menagerie of sound, a blend of folk rock, dream pop, psychedelia, melodic and experimental with 60's and 90's influences. From the psychedelic curiousness of the title track of their 'Clocks & Towers' EP to the melodic and britpop-esqe vibe of their new single 'Close The Door',  it is all a timeless concoction and yet still distinctively Sound Menagerie.

In 2011 they issued their 'Far Or Through' album. This was followed later in the year by 'The Silver Tree' single.  The album gained airplay from a number of radio stations  around the world.  In conjunction with this release, they were given the their own dedicated radio show on Canadian Radio Station Woody Radio. 

In 2014 Sound Menagerie released another single 'Stay With Me' which was produced by Stereolab's Andy Ramsay and which was later included on the 'Clocks & Towers' EP .  It received much praise and airplay being described as 'wonderfully melodic perfect pop'  with a 'catchy folk vibe'.  This was followed later in the year by another single 'Watermark' which featured a guest lead guitar solo by Rowan Robertson (Dio/DC4/Vast/AMRadio/Billy Ray Cyrus) and violin by Sharon Sullivan (Keltrix).

In 2015 their 'Clocks & Towers' EP  was released through Monochrome Chair Records, featuring guest appearances from Andy Ramsay (Stereolab/Europa 51) who also produced several of the tracks on the EP, Joe Watson (Stereolab/Junior Electronics) and Jon Clayton (Blusher/Charlotte Hatherley).  It was widely praised and described as a collection of  'enigmatic and carefully crafted songs'. The colourful clock tower cover artwork was created for Sound Menagerie by artist Ann Charlesworth.  An expanded version of  'Clocks & Towers' was also released on CD.  ​

Sound Menagerie have just completed a new album entitled 'Reflections' which they plan to release later in 2021 preceded by singles. The new single 'Close The Door' (Release date March 18th 2021) features Echobelly's Glenn Johansson on guest guitar and Sharon Sullivan on violin.